After-Hours Care Appointments

Primary Care Centric Healthcare System

We believe building a Primary Care Centric Healthcare System grounds up is the only way to simplify the healthcare, improve the access, lower the cost, and improve the outcomes.

Avance Care is a network of clinical integrated Advanced Primary Care practices run by Physicians, Advanced Practice Providers, Dietitians, Behavioral Therapists, Clinical Pharmacists, and Care Managers, that are dedicated to creating the next generation of primary care.

Our mission is closely aligned with yours: to leverage innovation and a comprehensive primary care model to simplify healthcare, generate better outcomes and reduce cost.

Our proven model can help Haven in its mission to transform healthcare to create better outcomes and overall experience, as well as lower costs for patients and families, and we’d like to explore a future partnership. Please contact Levi Boyd, CFO at and let’s get started.

Avance Care at a Glance

Since our inception in 2008, we have believed that Primary Care System must be comprehensive, patient-centered, technology driven, standardized, and designed to improve patient engagement to not only make primary care default choice for all their healthcare needs, but also help maintain ongoing relationship with their Primary Care Provider. 

  • Designed for value-based reimbursement model with a proven track record of improving outcomes and reducing healthcare cost
  • Integrated – Clinically, Operationally, Financially
  • Standardized, scalable, technology-driven
  • Comprehensive Scope of Service
    • Primary Care, Urgent Care
    • Behavioral, Nutrition, Pharmacy
    • Care Management
    • Population Health
  • A network of 14 primary care practices and growing
  • Scalable – avg 40% growth since 2008 – 18 locations by end of 2019
  • 60,000+ patients call Avance Care their medical home – 2,000 new patients per month
  • 81% Net Promoter Score – 100,000+ patient visits in 2018
  • Unrivaled convenience and access to PCP – Primary care open 7 days a week
  • 50% of pts seen within 24 hours | 36% same day
  • PCPs average 2 patients/hr.
  • Complementary service providers integrated and on-site – behavioral therapists, dietitians, and clinical pharmacists
  • Centralized Care Management and Population Health Management

Click Here to review Avance Care’s Patient Satisfaction & Quality Report.

Avance 2.0: A Proven, Innovative, Primary Care Centric Healthcare Model

For the past 11 years, we have been shaping the future of healthcare through the most comprehensive and efficient healthcare offering available to patients, driven by an innovative affordable care model that prioritizes accessibility and value.

Avance Care 2.0 is the manifestation of a thoughtfully designed ambulatory experience, that ensures healthcare is integrated into the lives of our patients. It is intuitive, pervasive, and enhances the experience for both patient and provider. Avance Care 2.0 is simply an enhancement of the model that is in place today. It is designed to:

1. Further reduce healthcare costs

2. Further improve accessibility and comprehensiveness of services

3. Improve the patient experience

Every patient interaction begins virtually using Carin – Virtual Health Assistant, which can be accessed via mobile, web or telephone. Each encounter utilizes telehealth as a gateway for all clinical services that do not require a physical exam. If an in-person visit is deemed necessary, the patient will go through a seamless transition from online engagement to onsite care. This innovative approach is designed to encourage patients to feel that the service provided is more than simply an isolated clinical visit. Rather it is a holistic healthcare experience through an ongoing relationship with their primary care provider.

Click Here to watch a 2-minute video about Carin: Virtual Healthcare Assistant.


An Innovative Approach to Employer-Provided, Onsite Healthcare

In today’s economic climate, the cost of healthcare for employers and employees continues to rise, while employee productivity and satisfaction become more and more important to a company’s success and bottom line. 

Many companies are taking advantage of the benefits that can be achieved through an employer-provided on-site healthcare program, such as: 

  • Decreased overall healthcare costs for both the employee and the employer
  • Reduced operational costs associated with employee time spent away from work
  • Increased employee health, happiness and productivity 

For employer partners, the onsite hub of Avance 2.0 is the Avance Care HealthPod, a self-contained primary care module that’s staffed by a trained medical assistant and a virtual medical provider. Using two-way video conferencing technology, a medical provider diagnoses a wide range of basic medical conditions with rapid lab tests and remotely controlled digital instruments. 

80+ conditions can be treated on-site – in fact, the Avance Care HealthPod offers more onsite capabilities than many other on-site clinic offerings. But for more serious conditions, the Avance HealthPod works in conjunction with the Avance Care 2.0 healthcare delivery system that provides employees with unprecedented accessibility, convenience and quality of care.  

Click here to watch a 3-minute video about the Avance Care HealthPod.


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