After-Hours Care Appointments


See a doctor on your schedule. Today, tomorrow or on the weekend.  Access high-quality, convenient primary care with the touch of a button. Zero hassle. Zero stress. 



Introductory Offer!*

Avance Care Premier Insured* Services 

Same-Day Appointments

Access to same-day appointment during weekdays if requested by noon.

Weekend Appointments

Access to weekend appointments, including same day appointments.

Evening Appointments

Access to evening appointments during weekdays if requested by noon.

Collection Simplified
  • No need to deposit $100 if you have a high-deductible plan
  • No longer need to worry about $20 statement fee
  • After your insurance claim is processesd, you will get a 30-day notice before your credit card is charged for the amount due
Nutrition Services

Access to onsite accredited nutrition program staffed by licensed dietitian/nutritionists. If nutrition services are not covered by your insurance plan, receive discounted bundled pricing as a Premier Member.

Behavioral Wellness Services

Access to onsite mental health specialists trained and experienced in dealing with a wide variety of behavioral health conditions and situations. In mental health services are not covered under your insurance plan, receive special pricing as a Premier Member.

Specialty Services

Access to allergy testing, immunotherapy, opioid addiction treatment and much more!

Comprehensive Care Coordination

Complete ownership of referrals to outside specialists or facilities, pre-visit planning, timely reminders on routine follow-up visits and preventive care, post-hospital discharge support, prior authorization and much more.

*Only available to insured patients whose insurance plan Avance Care is in-network with and who have a credit card on file with Avance Care to pay for out-of-pocket cost like co-pay or deductible.

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