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At Avance Care, our purpose is to shape the future of healthcare to improve the lives of our patients, team members, and associates. We do so by operating under a set of values and within a culture that helps us live everyday by our mission to leverage innovation and a comprehensive primary care model to simplify healthcare, generate better outcomes, and reduce cost.

Our Values


We operate by a set of company values that drive our ability to provide our patients with the most comprehensive, integrated services available to them, with unprecedented accessibility, convenience and quality of care.

  • Patient Focused – We are obsessed with providing the best experience and best care to all of our patients.
  • Growth – We continuously prioritize expansion with more locations and more providers to reach more patients in order to drive the economy of scale and secure our future.
  • Open Minded – We stay open to new ideas and changes.
  • Operational Excellence – We insist on the highest of standards for our entire team.
  • Continuous Improvement – We focus on the patient experience, not our competitors, and do not compete with each other internally.
  • Clarity – We prioritize clarity in our thinking, our purpose, our approach and how we communicate with our patients and each other.
  • Bias for Action – We move quickly and intentionally, with a sense of urgency to make things happen.
  • Innovate – We think outside of the box, constantly striving for better results for our patients and ourselves.
  • Simplify – We believe that complexity is enemy of execution.
  • Passionate – We must ensure that we meet or exceed expectations for our patients with every interaction.

Our Culture

Our culture prioritizes the growth of our team members, the deepening of our impact on the communities we live in, and our ability to serve our patients in the most effective ways possible. Our culture is built on the following pillars:

  • Entrepreneurship –By anticipating new opportunities and investment through measured risk, pragmatic approach, we strive to generate higher returns for all stakeholders (patients, employees, providers, shareholders).
  • Focus – Prioritizing what we can control, and letting go of the things that we cannot, allows us to remain laser-focused on our areas of impact.
  • Customer First – We value our relationship with our customers as a priority that allows us to provide the best care and experience possible.
  • Competitive – Attaining our targets with available resources drives competitive differentiation.
  • Resourcefulness – Finding innovative ways to work quickly with limited resources and overcome challenges.
  • Supportive Environment – Our spaces serve as a place of acceptance where patients and staff feel safe and respected.
  • Diversity – Embracing diversity allows us to achieve deeper understanding and empathy for our patients and our fellow staff.
  • Transparency – Exceptional honesty and openness with patients and staff is our baseline.
  • Synergy – To achieve our mission and purpose, we work together to produce greater collaborative outcomes.
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