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A Conversation With Meghan Presnell, FNP-C

Name: Meghan Presnell, FNP-C

Role at Avance: Family Nurse Practitioner

Years at Avance Care: 2

My first job: Waitress at Finz in Beaufort, NC

Why primary care: I enjoy the continuity of care. I have entire families who come to me and building those relationships feeds my soul.

Why I love Avance Care: Avance’s holistic approach serves to meet all of the patient’s needs, which is pretty groundbreaking in the primary care world. My patients are always surprised when I say I can refer them to one of our specialty services in-house and they don’t have to go anywhere else.

If I wasn’t a primary care provider I would be: Touring the world singing in sold-out arenas.

My favorite part of medicine is: Every day is completely different — there truly is never a dull day. I am constantly challenged and love that mental stimulation.

If someone wanted to start a conversation with me they should ask me about: Three things. Music, healthy living, or my dog (who is pretty much perfect).

How I connect to patients: I know this is cliché, but I got into healthcare because I love people. I am very candid and open with my patients, which allows me to easily establish a rapport. If I am ever running behind, it is because I am talking with one of my patients.

The one piece of medical advice I tell my patients but have a difficult time incorporating into my own life: Life is about balance. You have to make sure you make time for yourself; otherwise, you aren’t healthy enough in mind, body, and spirit to care for others.

If I have a three day weekend, I can be found: This is easy and I feel like anyone who works with me knows the answer to this. If I have a weekend off, I can be found at the beach, preferably on a boat, with my dog and my husband. Water is my therapy – give me a view of the ocean and I can sit there all day.

The four people I would invite to my ultimate dinner party: Paul Janeway of the band “Saint Paul and the Broken Bones,” so he could sing to me, Will Ferrell for comic relief, Queen Elizabeth because I love “The Crown,” and Simon Cowell, so I could try to sweet-talk him into offering me a record deal.

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