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A Conversation With Anais Joines, FNP-C

Name: Anais Joines, FNP-C

Role at Avance: Family Nurse Practitioner

Years at Avance Care: 2 years

My first job: Registered Nurse

Why primary care: I love taking care of patients and being able to help them reach their optimal health and goals. I love it because every day is different, there is no dull moment. My patients are like my family, and it feels so rewarding to hear positive feedback on how I touched their lives.

Why I love Avance Care: I love Avance Care because the people I work with are awesome!!! We have great teamwork. I also like the flexibility and the work-life balance.

If I wasn’t a primary care provider, I would be: I’d be in a plastic surgery and weight loss clinic.

If someone wanted to start a conversation with me, they should ask me:  Traveling. I always love to learn different cultures, experiences, and diverse type of food! 

How I connect to patients:  I take my time and I listen. I do not dictate my patients what and what not to do. Of course, I provide appropriate education and evidence-based practice treatment and the rationale, and then I collaborate with my patient to create an appropriate and attainable plan and goal.

The one piece of medical advice I tell my patients but have a difficult time incorporating into my own life:  Exercise! I stay busy and active, but I do not get my cardio 30-45 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

If I have a three day weekend, I can be found: At home! Spending quality time with my kids and hubby.


Make an appointment with Anais Joines, FNP-C by calling (919) 748-4990 or book an appointment online at our Durham primary care location.

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