After-Hours Care Appointments

Manish Patel

CEO & Co-Founder

Manish Patel, leveraging his IT and hospitality industry background, has overseen the growth of Avance Care since its inception in 2008. He orchestrated the establishment of the clinically integrated system of comprehensive primary care practices and enrollment of 60,000+ patient base while maintaining profitable revenue growth. Manish was the architect of Avance’s unique operating model, information technology, and workflow systems that enable the company’s patient-centered primary care delivery system that naturally supports value-based healthcare. He prides himself on being the company’s culture coach where he works to promote patient, provider and staff satisfaction, and efficient operation.

Pratik V. Desai, MD, FACC

President & Co-Founder

Dr. Desai has been a practicing cardiologist since 2000. He co-founded Avance Care with CEO Manish Patel in 2008, with a vision to change healthcare by offering convenient, accessible and comprehensive primary care. He believed that overall healthcare cost could be reduced and outcomes improved, if primary care was convenient and comprehensive.  Being a practicing physician, he is sensitive to the demands placed on providers and ensured that from day one, a core tenet of Avance was ensuring appropriate work-life balance as well as enabling high quality care supported by more patient time and enhanced support systems.

Joanne Fruth, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Fruth is a Fellow in the American Academy of Family Physicians with over 25 years of clinical experience. She brings her love of teaching to her role as Medical Director at Avance Care. Dr. Fruth encourages medical professionals to adhere to Dr. Atul Gawande’s research that “checklists saves lives” and to apply these principles to primary care.  Physicians and advanced practice providers are inspired to systematically collect the grains of sand that comprise superior preventative and chronic care, then use their individuality as the cement that builds the foundation of an individual’s good health.

Levi Boyd

Chief Financial Officer

Levi joined Avance from the investment banking industry.  He met the founders in 2012 and served as an early advisor, later joining as CFO in 2014.  In addition to overseeing the financial health of Avance, he directs the Company’s growth and corporate development efforts.   In that time, Levi has directed a growth strategy resulting in a tenfold increase in revenue and a quintupling in the number of Avance locations, while maintaining positive cash each of those years.

Jon Fowler

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

Jon Fowler has been with Avance since 2012, wearing many hats along the way. He currently leads the billing and quality improvement teams responsible for the improved outcomes, lower costs, and better value Avance is delivering in the Triangle market. Everyone knows Jon as their go to for operational intelligence and creative workflow designs. He ensures a world-class environment for primary care providers to do their best work.

Prashant Dangash

Chief Technology Officer

Prashant Dangash is responsible for focusing on technologies that will grow the organization externally and continue to push the organization from technology enabled to technology driven. He has decades of experience in building and implementing Enterprise IT solutions across various industries and managing large global engineering organizations. His charter is to transform Avance Care from a tech-enabled to a tech-driven health care system that uses cutting edge technology to serve patients better, drive efficiency and generate better health outcomes. He holds a graduate degree in Business Administration from California State University and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from University of Pune.

Frank Manole, DNP, MBA, FAANP

Director of Operations

Dr. Manole is a business leader, accomplished clinician and educator. He is an active Fellow of AANP, and serves as North Carolina AANP State Representative. He has held teaching appointments at Rutgers University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and serves as faculty/content expert for ANCC. Dr. Manole also oversaw clinical operations for over 40 clinics in his role of Senior Practice Manager for CVS Health – MinuteClinic. His goal at Avance is to develop and execute strategies and sound operations that will change the landscape of healthcare, and improve access to quality, affordable care to all our communities.

Christina Dauer, MPH, RD, LD/N, CDE

Director of Nutrition Services

Christina Dauer is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with 10 years of experience in her field. She endorses a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle change. As Director of Nutrition Services at Avance Care, she provides clinical oversight, leads a team of highly skilled dietitians, and guides the strategic growth of the nutrition service line. She believes one of the most important responsibilities of both a dietitian and a leader is to nurture curiosity in herself and others by asking meaningful questions and encouraging the exploration of new ideas—to create a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Daniel Hauschild Psy.D., HSPP

Director of Behavioral Wellness

Dr. Hauschild has worked as a psychologist for over 25 years, in private practice and across diverse medical settings involving inter-disciplinary settings, underserved populations, and close relationships with family practice medicine.  First-hand experience with patients suffering due to the inefficient, fragmented, and prohibitively-expensive modern healthcare system inspired him to join with Avance Care’s innovative primary care team.  Dr. Hauschild’s role has been to develop the Behavioral Wellness Service Line and work to continually evolve it into an ever more thoroughly integrated component of our comprehensive treatment model, which effectively improves the quality of patient care while decreasing overall costs.

Kelly Pisarski

Director of Care Management

Kelly Pisarski has worked in community mental health and primary care for 25 years.  As both a direct care staff and administrator, she combines her training as a case manager and her passion for improving the health of the community to connect patients to comprehensive, quality care. As Director of Care Management at Avance Care, she applies the integrated primary care model to enhance care coordination and collaboration among a team of health care providers, helping patients and caregivers manage mental and medical health conditions more effectively.

Dessa Granger

Director of Human Resources

Dessa joined the organization in January of 2013 with a focus on accounts receivable, collections, and clinic management. In 2015, she implemented a formal human resources department and with the support of her team they have expanded the services offered to managers and benefits offered to employees.

Madhu Barad

Director of IT

As the Director of Information Technology, Madhu has the responsibility to provide robust and secure IT systems to the organization. Her charter includes leveraging cutting edge technology to improve patient experience and organizational efficiency, maintain the highest level of security of IT systems and patient data, and full adherence to the HIPAA compliance standards. Madhu is a veteran of 24 years in IT and the health care industry, with a proven record in building enterprise-grade solutions and platforms in the patient, provider and payor domain. She has rich experience in IT management business practices and healthcare technologies. She has deep expertise in managing large global teams working on solution engineering projects.

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